31 decembrie 2009


Curiosity is what killed the cat. Some people compare women with cats. At first glance, it seems a fair comparison, because women do seem to share a lot of similarities with those cute felines. That is where curiosity comes in.

When you think of most women, curiosity is maybe on the bottom of the list of things that they are known for. I mean, how many women inventors or discoverers do we know? Marie Curie? And she worked side by side with her husband? I had recently came upon a website that has a list of just that: women inventors and their inventions:     http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0906931.html
I'm sure all those women had a great sense of curiosity.

There is one more thing. Porn. If anyone saw any porn movie any time... then they'd have to agree that those women were very very curious about that whole mess.

It wasn't a man's persuasion skill that made that woman agree to a facial. Or an anal. Or deepthroats. Or a double penetration. Or gangbangs. Or a bukkake. Or a strap-on for fucking a gaywad up his ass. Ok, maybe that last one really was an idiot's curiosity.

But the rest are surely women's ways of saying to the rest of the world:
- I'm a curious cunt!

In conclusion, if cats didn't survive curiosity, how do the women do it?
I know one thing: I'm not going to tell them to stop it. Because I like women who are curious.
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