13 decembrie 2011


Hate is a common feeling for all of us in the human race. That's because hate comes from knowing things other people don't know. And I don't necessarily mean knowing things like facts or information that you learned somewhere. You know something and somebody else doesn't know that thing. Like swimming, for example. At first, you are fairly neutral about the whole thing, until you get inside the water with that person. Their constant panicking and whining will irritate you until you start to hate them. You hate the fact that they just can't seem to get how to swim. So here's hate. When you think about it, it's pretty stupid to hate someone because they don't know how to swim. And the only reason you could possibly have to actually hate like that is in what you see when you look at, think about or hear about that person.

You think you see weakness.

You even experienced that presumed weakness by yourself at an earlier age or saw it in someone you care about.

You don't like that.

Apparently, nobody likes that.

But what if you thought about it in a different way? What if, instead of hating that weakness, you'd enjoy sharing your knowledge with the one who doesn't have it? All of your knowledge. It doesn't matter if you're not very smart. Even so, in teaching somebody else about something you know, that somebody will have his own interpretation of what he just learned. Maybe you will then learn something new from his way of thinking. And this applies to every kind of knowledge you may have. There are lots of kinds. You may know how to swim, how to talk to a beautiful girl or how to build a rocket engine. All of those are kinds of knowledge. We all know rocket scientists secretly hate all other people when they're asked about their work, with what they see as blissful ignorance. Stop hating :)

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