28 iulie 2010


Music / Lyrics: Christian Hornbostel - Don Gorda - Erin Perry
Published by Vimana Mv / Music Mail

You know... I'm gonna tell you somethin' about the day, when the fog was lifted from my eyes... when I saw us as we were as we are.
I saw us, along side a wide speeding river looking for a place of refuge a safe place, free of violence, free of ignorance.
where false promises and lies are washed away.
And on this riverbank, we learned to smile... to love and smile...
and to accept love from others, to believe that no human has authority over another,
that no race or religion is better than the next and gender doesn't portray power. because we are looking for an authentic spiritual growth...
But I can also see them on the other side of this river, those who learned to lie behind their smiles...
treating people in need like shit, turning countries from a democracy to a decidership...
These masters of mind control, who learned to pit empires against empires,
in order to change destinies everywhere, who feed the walls of flames, like those of the "maid of the seas"...
But still, we learned to smile... to love and smile... like millions of people... who lived for generations, in peace and harmony, in one land. That is, before the masters came to corrupt and buy, manipulate and contract awards... to get light sweet crude.
All in the name of money, in the name of power, in the name of God!
And you know, it makes no difference ... big nations, exporting weapons around the world or simple workers of the land... powerful stockholders or fathers and mothers... they and we will all leave this world one day.
Young or old, black or white , infamous or living a quiet life... no matter whether you're a millionaire or struggle just to put food on the table, no matter what background, no matter your dreams.. and I don't know if on that side of the river, they their children the real value of life...
if they teach them respect, if they teach them generosity?
But we ain't gonna cross the river and play their games... and we are not scared... 'cause love is the only answer and it sets us free.

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