1 noiembrie 2010

Colonel Sanders' secret

This is called 'fast food'. Not only it is fast, but it also has secrets. It is an original recipe, instantly recognizable, which was never revealed to the public. If it should ever become public, the whole business would probably collapse.

And so it should.

On one of his latest adventures, The Guy Who Occasionally Eats At Or From A Fast Food Restaurant - who will be referred to as simply The Guy - bought for himself a nice chicken-based fast food menu. It was the one which is very spicy and crispy. This menu consists of two chicken wings, two chicken breasts, fries and something to drink. The Guy used to think that this was the best of fast food types, because chicken was supposed to be healthier than burgers made out of bovine remains.

The Guy was proven to be wrong.

Of course, he heard the rumors and he knew about some documentaries about how this restaurant-corporation was preparing his food. He had mixed thoughts about these accusations; he was stuck somewhere between 'not giving a fuck' and thinking that the rumors were exaggerated. Until he realized the truth behind the masquerade. The secret of the recipe was not the most important thing to know about the food.

'The rumors must be true!', thought The Guy.

Even though it's chicken, this is still meat we're talking about. It's supposed to be fiber-ish and tough. But not when you eat from the Colonel. It's so tenderized, that it almost feels like a paste and not actual meat. And then, think about the rumors about how they make it so tender. There is a more accurate term to describe the way this meat is 'processed': bruising.

One of The Guy's chicken wings was so 'well made', that the bone of the wing was snapped almost from the middle. 

Why would it be snapped?
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