6 noiembrie 2010

Where did the night go

To fall asleep is the hardest thing. Everyone keeps thinking and telling you that you didn't do anything wrong and it's not your fault. You know it means, probably, that you do not deserve anything from her, because you're not important enough. Not your fault, probably, but you could have done something different or said something right, at the right time...

So, you can't fall asleep.
Not yet.
It's not "sleep well", like they say.

You would fucking leave everything behind to go to her and hold her in your arms, just like a bad movie, filled with clichés. It wouldn't work. The same old feeling you're too familiar with... when you know you lose.

You want to keep your eyes shut. You're hungry and the room smells like... nothing. But you don't want to give up and you can now see a faint light from outside of your eyelids.

Where did the night go?

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