3 aprilie 2013

Second thoughts

Learn to live the way of Your life, to live the life of the Way. 

You know what the Way is, but there are always opportunities in life when you choose to follow your second thoughts or to react according to what you know from before and even imagine is going to Be. You know it because sometimes you don't feel like you're following anything, but just :

Go With The Flow  

The Way is freedom from the mind's paranoid and overreacting thoughts, the second thoughts. They always get distorted by either something from your past or some possible future that you imagine. You would also be freed from most reactions that are not natural, coming from some kind of panic and frustration which derived from the ancient survival instinct of the early man.

You must agree that this panic and this frustration are in fact illusions of the mind, because the early man would only be considered as man when he would start to show signs of having intelligence, a mind. And that mind would be something new, with no experience and knowledge. You would see lightning in the sky and project your early mind's thoughts upon it, to find that you are weak and by far unable to resist its strength. This would be the result of panic. Then you would see it again another time, flashing and roaring immediately after, and imagine that some kind of unseen power, something greater than man, is wielding it. This would be the result of frustration.

The Way is learning that nothing is in any way under control in life. This way, illusions and random thoughts that you usually take for granted are revealed to be just what happened to cross your mind at one point. It was merely the way your mind dealt with the situation it was facing or processed that would happen sometime later. Then you don't get stuck on them. For example, you don't think about it when you are in love with someone and you say the words, because they're not real if you do. This feeling doesn't come from thinking and most of the times you don't listen to your mind when you have it and do stupid things or sacrifices for it. On the other hand, if you hate someone, then you definitely have some thoughts on the matter and they're pissing you off, frustrating you. You also hate them because they've somehow made you feel insecure or even frightened you, making you panic.

The Way is also just a word, a concept of the mind. And when you think about it, you're doing it wrong!
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