8 noiembrie 2013

Episode Two: Shopping Cart

Sure, it might seem to you like the young men depicted in this clip are doing nothing more than just trying to have some fun while filming it in order to entertain themselves and others afterwards. It might also seem like they are not doing it in an organised and carefully planned manner.

But whatever your thoughts are, they're completely wrong and you understood nothing.

So, what's really going on in this video? you ask.

On the surface, there is a metaphor to be observed in what happens to the 'riders' and that is the return to nature. Each of the participants is placed into the shopping cart, hastily pushed over what looks like an asphalt track and tossed into the green hands of nature, some bushes. There is some heavy symbolism involved in here, from the immediately recognizable shopping cart, which is a powerful icon of the consumer-based society that we live in nowadays, to the action of pushing the participants from the seemingly safe path represented by the asphalt track - civilized human settlements - and into the bushes from around the track - the Great Mother Nature.

There are visible signs, though, that this occurrence is more than just a metaphor. For instance, the third attempt clearly shows that Nature has embraced the rider. And I don't need to tell you how significant the number 3 is in any culture or tradition. The next three attempts will only show that Nature only chooses a rider once and that the riders must move on to the second stage of the ritual. And this is clearly made visible by the fact that they're only hurting themselves in their innocent attempts to further please the Great Mother.

The second stage of the ritual is a symbolical attempt to re-introduce the chosen rider back into the concrete and gravel world that society has accustomed itself to. His failed attempt to land on it is evidence enough that his fate is now only tied to Nature and its doings further on.

One final stage of the ritual is truly lacking in meaning, in your ignorant eyes due to the fact that you are just a  robotized and sleeping shade of what your ancestors used to be. You are wrong again, you poor lost sheep. The two riders push each other down some stairs in order to settle one more final time that only the one chosen by Nature can ever walk safely on the path to understanding the secrets of Life and Meaning.

Now look at the video again and tell me you see it with the same eyes as before:

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