27 mai 2010

It’s better to ask advice from people than books

             People are strange beings. We seem to always need a second opinion for anything before making up our own minds. Throughout history, people relied on advices to help them choose more wisely, from a mere peasant asking another, to a king listening to his advisors and counselors. As our culture advanced, books became tomes of knowledge and so they sometimes would be as important as their weight in gold or even more. Nowadays, it seems that both sources for advices are obsolete. Books may still be used and people could still be asked for advices, but they are now just sources for the simple-minded, mostly.
            We cannot handle problems on our own. That’s the general population’s ideea of how things work. Whenever we are faced with some kind of a problem, we need to unleash some of the tension by asking someone else about it and making them worry a little bit about our predicament for us. Problems are everywhere and for everything: ‘Does my shirt look OK or should I wear something else?’; ‘Should I get a puddel or a siamese cat?’; ‘What should I do about that stain?’; ‘Do you think I should tell my husband about my affair with the gardener?’.
Advices from people are often just confirmations of what you already decided to do, but just weren’t strong willed enough to go with the decisions you made. All books also send out advices, either directly, or indirectly, but they all do. The only problem with books is that they are either generalized or super individualized, so their advices are not the best solution for you in any way.
            The best advice one should always follow would be:
Don’t follow advices. You’ll think more that way.

*Note - This is part 2 of my English exam.
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