26 mai 2010

A simple advantage

The city bus had just dropped me off close to where I live and I finally decided to go to the local barber shop and get a haircut. I don’t often think about it, but in my life I’ve always preferred simplicity, which in turn brings forth relaxation. So, when I’m going to the barber I like simplicity as well.
- How would you like me to cut your hair?
- I like it simple, mow me down with number 2.
- You want me to go all the way, with number 2?
- Yes, I’m sure.
While she was trimming away and leisurely removing my cluttered hair, I was just thinking about the pleasurable feeling of her hands on my head. Her supposedly free hand was always resting on my head, but it felt to me almost like an embrace.
- This was so simple and easy. I’ve finished up in no time, she said.
- I know, that’s why I like to get my hair cut this way.
From then on, things were real simple for the both of us. I got my hair cut the way I wanted and it felt like I did her a favor as well. That is why I only paid the exact amount required and didn’t leave an extra tip, because my debt was paid in the form of that simple hair-do. When I left, the woman wished me a polite and sincere “Good evening!”

*Note* - This is an older article of mine, translated from Romanian, meant to be used for my English exam for this year.
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